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We endeavour to embrace any new and adaptable technology related to our industry and strive to bring innovative and unique ideas to our Architects and end-clients. In the East African region, we were the pioneers to introduce structural and curtain-wall glazing.

Thereafter, we also introduced the stainless steel ‘Spider’ frameless bracketed glazing as exhibited on Eden Square in Westlands, Nairobi.

Prime Aluminium also provides various hi-tech and state-of-the-art solutions for frameless glass assemblies, ranging from frameless shower cubicles for leading hotels, frameless sliding and hinged doors for shopping centres, to frameless partitions for corporate offices. We constantly increase and enhance our range of special glass connecters and fittings in order to deliver the most appealing and modern look.

Certain turn-key projects have demonstrated our expertise in frameless glazing as we have worked closely with Architects & Engineers to help achieve the ‘Maximum Glass’ appearance. This is the modern way of architecture and Prime Aluminium strives to keep up with latest European and American frameless technologies and offers these solutions for local and regional projects at any opportunity.

Our expertise extends further whereby we are specialists for installation of anti-bandit and bullet proof glass. These comprise of bullet-proof bank tellers, ATM cubicles, back office partitions and bomb-proof external glazing. We have completed a number of projects for banks and foreign embassies for which this type of glazing has been the requirement. Members of our staff have attended training courses hosted by international bodies that demonstrate methods for installing bomb-proof glazing.

From the wide variety of services offered by Prime Aluminium, we are also specialists in interior finishes such as ceilings, blinds, internal partitioning and mosquito netting. We are suppliers and installers of suspended grid ceilings and gypsum ceilings according to architect’s details. Different kinds of ceilings are required for different functions; we have installed various kinds to factories, corporate offices, homes, hospitals, laboratories, banks and showrooms. Ceilings are a key part of a building’s interior appeal and functionality, choosing the correct type and specifications is a vital part for a room or office space to function properly; we are happy to discuss all the options with our Clients by considering acoustic and humidity properties.